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Comprehensive PLUS V Blood Test at Nuffield

Comprehensive PLUS V Blood Test at Nuffield

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Our Blood Tests Include

1. GP Referral
2. Phlebotomy Charges
3. Doctor's comments on out of range results
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Blood Test Information

Additional Information

Lab Code BZ20+BC0636
Turnaround Time (in working days) 5
Pathology Sample Blood
Requires 12 hour fasting
Laboratory Discipline Biochemistry
GP Referral Yes Included
Test Inclusions

* Full Blood Count. (Haematology profile) including over 10 parameters & ESR
* Electrolytes
* Kidney health information
* A Full liver function test
* Calcium
* Uric acid
* Glucose level
* A full lipid panel including Total Cholesterol, HDL, LDL and triglycerides.
* Iron status panel - Iron, TIBC and transferrin saturation
* Basic thyroid profile - TSH and FT4

ALSO the PLUS V tests...

  • Vitamin B12
  • Vitamin D (25OH)
  • C Reactive Protein
  • Folate
  • Ferritin
Service Inclusions
Due to batch processing at the laboratory we are able to offer our Comprehensive Blood Test for a more significantly reduced price than if you were to purchase the components as individual tests. This test can be used as a general indicator of health as it measures the efficiency of most of the major systems within the body. It can also be used to investigate long standing symptoms that can be attributed to a number of different pervasive conditions.

Included are the following tests representing 
TEN TESTS IN ONE and excellent value for money

Included in every order:

* A Blue Horizon Pathology Passport, enabling a guaranteed appointment.
* Results are emailed to you in PDF format, along with laboratory reference ranges.
* Any blood test results that are outside established parameters will be commented on by one of our medical panel Doctors.

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