Q. Can I order without a referral letter from my Doctor?

A. YES. This is a private GP service, so we provide one for you. As soon as you complete your order online you will be sent a Pathology Passport which you take with you to your appointment. The Pathology Passport constitutes a referral letter from us for blood tests on your behalf.

Q. Can I turn up to a Location without ordering online?

A. No. You need to order online to generate a pathology passport?.

Q. How long do the blood tests take to process?

A. Every blood test has a turnaround time, which is quoted in working days. This excludes weekends and bank holidays.

Q. Do I need to pay the £49.95 medical fee for each test?

A. No the medical fee is included with ALL our Blood Test Prices.

Q. How will I get my results?

A. Your results will be sent to the email address that you supply when placing your order. By placing an order you are giving your consent for us to send results by email. To opt out and receive results by post, use postal@bluehorizonmedicals.co.uk as your email address.

Q. Will you interpret my results?

A. One of our Private GP or Pathologists on our medical panel will provide comments free of charge if any results are out of parameters. If your results are within normal reference ranges we will just send the results straight through to you. Any comments are based upon blood tests alone in the absence of medical history or physical examination.

Q. Will you inform my GP?

A. We send your results to you alone and not to your GP. Although we may advise that you share these results with your GP you are under no obligation to do so. Please understand that the only circumstance in which your results would be shown to a third party would be if we were forced by a court order to reveal them.