Let Blue Horizon present you with a range of choices for testing your blood privately in and around Exeter

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Exeter BMI

The best options for blood tests in Exeter


Best options by Blue HorizonBlue Horizon Medicals don't just refer patients to BMI hospitals for pathology. We offer a wide range of services, ranging from referral to other private hospital networks to an express service in London's medical district, as well as the option of sending you out postal kits that you can either take at home using a DIY finger-prick method, or a nurse home visit service. It's often worth getting in touch with one of our logistics experts on 0800 7720 627 and asking us what your best option is.

What options do I have for Exeter Blood tests?

  • A Nurse Visit to your home Yes
  • A Finger-Prick Blood Test Kit Yes
  • Kits for GP blood drawsYes
  • Refer to Spire Hospital in Bristol Yes

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