Let Blue Horizon present you with a range of choices for testing your blood privately in and around Huddersfield

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A TOTAL Blood Testing service at the Private BMI Hospital in Huddersfield


Private BMI Hospital in HuddersfieldBlue Horizon Medicals are now offering a new Direct Pathology service at BMI Huddersfield where you can build and buy your own blood testing profile online, then simply make an appointment to attend for your blood draw. The phlebotomist already has the equipment, and the BMI will also analyse your blood, so there is no need to risk postal error by waiting for a kit to arrive, or having to arrange to post your blood sample back to another laboratory.

  • Build any Buy your Blood Test Profile Online. Yes
  • Make an Appointment over the phone. Yes
  • No need to wait for postal kits to arrive.Yes
  • A total and fully inclusive direct pathology service. Yes

What do patients say about Huddersfield BMI?
"Staff are great! Facilities are great, would highly recommend it for anyone." David Robertson.

It is possible to add on extra tests to your initial test choice at very little cost, starting from just £12.05 - This can be useful where you have to obtain a number of tests and would otherwise be paying a significant amount for a multi aspect blood test in Huddersfield.