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Private Blood Test Kits

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Private COVID Testing in the UK

Blue Horizon offer a private postal testing service for COVID-19 RT-PCR Swab Tests. These tests are available from our POSTAL KITS website and can be ordered online today. To find out more please visit

These Private Test Kits for coronavirus infection are currently available and are sourced from a CQC registered Laboratory.

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Our Team are ready to help you place your order, should you have a large amount of tests you wish to order simply ask our team who will put them together for you with a possible bulk discount.

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Results guaranteed on time sent by email with optional GP comments.

Your blood is our top priority!

Your blood is our top priority, but we don't forget that you, (the ideal container for your blood!), need to know what is going on with your kit, sample, and results at all times. We are well versed in standard blood testing logistics, and if the situation regarding your blood test seems complicated to you, rest assured that this is something that we specialise in. Let us assess your needs and give you the choice of how to arrange your blood test.

Once you have placed an order for your chosen kit, we will send it straight out in the post to you by First class mail.

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Popular tests that Patients order

Thyroid Check MULTIVIT
The most inclusive finger-prick Thyroid test kit that we offer, it's not surprising that the Thyroid check Multivit is also our most popular at just £75. ELEVEN highly relevant inclusions.
Thyroid Check FULL
This full Thyroid Finger Prick Profile includes Thyroid Antibodies as well as TSH, T4, free T3, free T4.Fasting not required. No other special instructions.
Cortisol Blood
Testing of blood cortisol levels is often used to help diagnose Cushing syndrome and Addison's disease and can be usedin conjunction with other tests to assess adrenal status.
Adrenal Bloods Profile
A highly relevant set of blood tests looking at adrenal fatigue, investigating pituitary and hormonal inputs, which if not related directly to adrenal function, are definitely interlinked.
Food Intolerance Test
If you suffer from bloating, IBS, fatigue, weight gain, migraines, brain fog or joint pain then it is possible that you could be one of the estimated 9 million(1) adults in the UK with a food intolerance.
Free Testosterone
For a more accurate Testosterone assessment free testosterone will often be included as it is possible to have a normal total testosterone level without it being free in the bloodstream and available to the body.
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