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Reliable Private Hospital Testing of Blood

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Test Catalogue

Antibody Blood Tests
If you are looking to check for immunity status or current infection, these Antibody tests can be added on to your test at little extra cost.
Bone Health
If you are looking to monitor your bone health, then these tests are often requested.
Cancer Blood Tests
These tumour markers can be requested as an additional check, but are not recommended for general population screening.
Cholesterol Blood Tests
One of the more well known set of tests, this Lipid profile checks for TOTAL, HDL, LDL and Triglycerides. The UK average is 5.5mmol/L - What is yours?
Coagulation Blood tests
Useful if monitoring anti-coagulation therapy, also requested sometimes for pre-surgery or fertility testing.
Complete Blood Count
Why not add a Full Blood Count (FBC or CBC) to your test list, or maybe you need to know your blood group.
Diabetes Blood Tests
There are over 4 million people in the UK with Diabetes - add on either Glucose or Hba1C to see if you're one of them.
Fatigue Blood Tests
If you're investigating Adrenal Fatigue, then Cortisol or DHEA testing is something to consider.
Health Screening
These general health screening tests are often requested by our patient's physicians as part of their blood testing requirements.
Heavy Metal Screening
High levels of these metals may result in toxicity and health problems.
Hormone Blood Tests
Each of these hormones play an important role in our health and well-being
These non-specific measures of inflammation are often requested by our patient's Doctors.
Iron Blood Tests
These tests can determine the lack of Iron in the body. Low iron levels can affect energy levels and other disease processes.
Kidney Health
We advise that you check your creatinine level to monitor your Kidneys.
Liver Blood Tests
Unless otherwise advised, the Liver Function Test is the best general Liver test, including many liver markers.
Nutritional Blood Tests
Some very well priced vitamin and mineral tests available as extra items.
Pregnancy Blood Tests
The Beta HCG test will give a quantitative level, therefore determining pregnancy status.
Sexual Health Blood Tests
These blood tests will check for the following sexually transmitted diseases.
Thyroid Blood Tests
If you are looking to check your thyroid, then the range of thyroid tests below can be added onto your test above for little extra charge.